Waves of Change Counseling

Professional therapists offering solution focused growth, fulfillment and peace

Life is a journey and sometimes on that journey there are difficulties. Are you a successful achiever, hard-working, perhaps a perfectionist.  These are great qualities, but high expectations can cause stress and anxiety, maybe even impact your relationships or quality of life. It takes a great amount of effort and energy to be successful. Achieving can become an issue when you neglect other areas of your life such as your physical, mental or emotional health.  

At Waves of Change, we are here to help you heal and create more of what you want in your life: healthy relationships, meaningful time with family and friends, increased productivity at work, feeling comfortable in your own skin, and peace of mind. We can help you and your family heal.

Feel more grounded, present, and empowered with a sense of fulfillment and peace

Improve communication, discover root causes of conflict, develop a stronger bond

Identify negative behaviors and their causes while creating a sense of well-being

Tele-health and in-person counseling for individuals and couples in Plymouth, Minnetonka, Maple Grove and all of Minnesota and Florida